I am committed to putting education at the top of my agenda as Maine’s next governor. As a teacher, I know firsthand that schools are places where students, and indeed the entire community, connect with one another in meaningful ways. Maine can do more to unite education stakeholders and facilitate coordinated approaches to education reform. We need an education system that is family centered, culturally competent, community based, and collaboratively developed. To accomplish this, we need to stop thinking of education, health, and human services in separate silos — and start working together.


  • We need to resist the effort to privatize public education. Education should not be considered a business with a bottom line. Rather, education is the cornerstone of our democracy. It is about enlightening and empowering young minds with knowledge — not producing standardized test scores and profits.
  • Our state must invest in quality preventative health care, daycare for working parents, counseling, and parental support. The earliest years of a child’s education are where we need to make the greatest efforts to ensure that children come to school ready to learn. 

Higher Education

  • Maine should ensure affordable higher education by increasing state support for the University of Maine system.
  • We need to improve funding to the Maine Community College System to make it more responsive to workforce demand.