Maine’s leadership should seek to defend the places we love and the environmental values we share. Our children, and our children’s children, must have continuing access to and enjoyment of Maine’s priceless environmental assets.

As Maine’s next governor, I will:

  • Champion the work of organizations such as the Maine Farmland Trust and other land trusts in keeping farmers on the land and preserving our state’s natural resources. We can implement common sense policies that balance sustainable uses of the natural resources of our forests, fields, and the ocean with conservation to keep Maine green and growing.
  • Focus on implementing renewable energy policy that facilitates the growth of more small, local, flexible, and renewable energy suppliers and away from large scale centralized power production that sends electric energy long distances over large transmission lines. 
  • Support the Attorney General’s efforts to stop the federal administration’s efforts to repeal the Clean Power Plan and weaken environmental regulations. We all live downstream, but Maine is particularly exposed to the emissions from power plants to our west.
  • Be vigilant in protecting the waters of our state.