Maine has substantial renewable energy resources, with four-fifths of Maine’s renewable energy coming from hydroelectric dams and biomass from wood products. Maine has significant wind resources along the Appalachian ranges in the northwest and along its coastline, and is a leader in wind generation in New England.

In 2016, Maine’s wind turbines produced more than one-eighth of the Maine’s total net electricity generation and three-fifths of all wind generation in New England. Maine’s renewable energy strategy is very beneficial for the state, and Maine’s economy stands to gain significantly from the effort to diversify away from fossil fuel-based sources. Renewable energy has also created temporary and permanent jobs in Maine, while increasing Maine’s gross state product.

Maine can foster clean energy jobs and be a leader in renewable energy by focusing on implementing renewable energy policies that meet the goals of RPS and facilitates the growth of small and local renewable energy suppliers.

  • Renewable Portfolio Goal: Maine should increase its new renewable-energy capacity by 10% each year. The renewable energy targets for Maine are robust and will require significant efforts by the industry and state to promote and develop the resources necessary to meet this goal.
  • Community-Based Renewable Energy Projects: Maine should prioritize supporting the Community-Based Renewable Energy Program to encourage the development of locally-owned, in-state renewable energy resources through long-term contracts or the Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Multiplier.
  • New Wind Energy Projects: Wind energy achieves reliable, cost-effective, sustainable energy while attracting investment in Maine. Maine should continue to develop the production of new wind energy projects. Maine should aim to install at least at least 3,000 MW by 2020.

Clean energy is a priority for our communities in Maine. Maine should continue to invest in renewable energy due to various benefits, which include community benefits from capital and investments across Maine counties and towns. With clean energy, our communities can be renewable and sustainable. It is our responsibility to our state and our kids to take action and lead the country to a cleaner, more sustainable future.